Sydney, Australia

Today was our day to see Sydney….and that we did…a walking day around the downtown Quay area….starting off with taking a close look at the big Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas. We had a good walk around the Rocks area, which is a very historical area right along the water….then walked about 6 blocks to St. Mary’s Cathedral at the edge of Hyde Park…..and then on to the Botanical Garden….all very attractive and clean and a very family friendly area. We ended up going in some shops which are very upscale…including the Westfield Mall and other expensive shopping areas…very impressive….as is the entire downtown area. This is a world class city, and it shows in every respect…very modern and still blending with the old…very well done in a beautiful setting.

We ended up the day with a visit to Pancakes on the Rock…a famous pancakes restaurant along the Quay. We had many laughs from folks we had met during the day, including the man on the elevator that got on and said “he lost his wife walking through the cemetery”…..the way he told the story had us all laughing…..and so it went with others that we met including the man that was traveling around the world in 12 days, etc.

And, we talked about the engineer that I met and talked with on the plane from Cairns to Sydney. A diver with great underwater videos and a world traveling lifestyle that is a software engineer that was born in Indonesia but grew up in Australia and now works for Commonwealth Bank of Australia …. A most fascinating person…..great stories.

These are the kind of experiences that you have when traveling….including the couple that we saw on the elevator from Sitka, Alaska….who said to me “the Cruise Ships park in my front yard”……interesting times…..always.


Cairns to Sydney….flight day…day #4

This morning we awoke to a bright sunny morning in gorgeous Cairns and headed to a mid morning flight to Sydney. The Cairens Airport is almost like new…clean and neat as can be…very orderly and well organized….and a very simple security system….and after a short coffee break we were on Virgin Australia bound for Sydney. We were met at the airport by the transfer service and got to the Marriiott at the Quay by 4 PM….waited for Carrie and kids to arrive at 6…and then set off for the evening. After a quick dinner we headed down to the pier area which is about 3 blocks…and board  the Manley Ferry…a 15 minute ferry ride to Manley Island…going right out past the Opera House while it was still light. We spent about an hour walking around the quaint island of Manley…down to the beach…then back on the Ferry…and back towards the sparkling lights of Sydney and the lit up Opera House. As it looks on my web page…really nothing like it in such a magnificent setting right on the water at Sydney Harbor. Breathtaking at night….and a beautiful building all the time. Literally a landmark for Sydney for decades.

Sydney is a beautiful city…the setting right on the water is beautiful….and  Quay and the nearby Rocks area are both old and new….with high rise buildings looking down on history …..   Just a wonderful city, and we are just beginning to have 3 days here before we board the ship.

The plan is to have a “quiet day” here…as Carrie has been going strong….as have we…so we will stay in the downtown area and just enjoy the Rocks and the Quay…should be fun.  More to come.



Cairns, Australia….Day#3

It seems like all of my life since I started traveling in college, I have always heard of the Great Barrier Reef. It is like one of those “far away places” that they write songs about. Well, it is far away….but today we got to see if firsthand, and it is everything that I had hoped for….absolutely a world wonder. I can’t say nearly as much about the Reef as does Wikipedia….so will just go over our day…as it was a fantastic day.

1, We were picked up by the Quicksilver Coach-Bus at 8….and as we picked up others at other hotels…the driver started talking about facts about Cairns, etc….and that we would be traveling further north for about an hour to Port Douglas, where we would board the boat that would take us out to the Reef. So, as we left the City we followed the Espalade which runs right along the water. Many very nice apartment and residential areas…leading out past the airport….and then past the air terminal for the SkyRail….and then on to the highway that runs right along the water. This is like California highway #1 along by Big Sur…only much larger and more dramatic as the Rain Forest comes right down to the beach. Just a gorgeous15 mile stretch that takes us directly into Port Douglas, a city founded some 50 years ago by a man that saw what a perfect little town could be like…and to this day…it is just that…an absolutely beautiful town with small shopping areas…all greatly influenced by the tourist trade. It has become the main port city for the boats that go out to the Reef. We were dropped off literally at the entrance to the Port area…and proceeded to board the 400 passenger catamaran …..which was like a new boat….spotless and modern….and greeted by uniformed crew all welcoming us and offering coffee, sweets, etc. Just a great beginning.

2. We were first on so got a seat right up front in the covered area and proceeded to watch introductory videos…take a tour of the boat…and just get ready for the hour journey out to the Reef. We had our initial briefing on the Reef by a young Marine Biologist that was born in New Zealand and got her PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Florida. Very bright and informing as the boat picked up speed to about 35 knots….and we were “on our way”. As we approached the Reef….we could see the large permanently anchored docking area….and pulled right up to it to transfer from the boat to this dock area. A big 3 level dock, it serves as the point from which you can do the snorkel, the diving , the helicopter rides, etc the submersible “sub” that is their glass bottom boat, which we immediately got on and down we went to see the Reef. The coral is just amazing, and is everything that I had ever heard about it. It is massive, running about a thousand miles north and south along the line where the Pacific Ocean drops off dramatically. The Reef itself is only about 30 feet below the surface….and the sub moves in and out of a section of the Reef and you can see fish and coral very clearly right from the Windows. A great 25 minute underwater ride. We then went back up to the dock for a big buffet luncheon…then had the next 2 hours to look at the underwater viewing room….and just enjoy being literally “on top of the Reef”. A large number of the passengers went diving…and the Quicksilver company, the owner of all of this, including the buses…provided everything needed to go in the water. Very impressive.

3. At 3 PM, we headed back to Port Douglas….more videos…and more time for me to find out how the entire operation works, in terms of how they keep the dock out there, etc….a very impressive operation. We got back to the Port on time….then had a quick bus tour of the town…almost an unreal looking town and area…clean, neat, pretty, modern, quaint…..clearly one of the most beautiful town areas we have ever seen. Tropical magic in a storybook looking setting…..huge palms and trees and plants and all so orderly ,neat, an orderly.  VERY IMPRESSIVE.

4. Got back at 6 and decided to go out for a walk along the water…found a great little restaurant right on the Esplanade …. Walked back to the hotel….a wonderful day…one never forgotten…seeing and being on THE GREAT BARRIER REEF.

OFF TO Sydney in the morning…Monday, for Day #4.



Cairns…day #2

The 2nd full day was remarkable, and a day to remember. After last night and the heavy rains and our finding a place to eat when we found that the Casino Restaurant was closed due to a power outage….that went back on an hour later…and we finally enjoyed our great sandwich. We got back to the hotel and early to bed in view of the early pick up for our Saturday day.

Saturday started off with a pickup at 7:20 AM…for the bus ride to the train station to take the Kuranda Classic Train up the mountain to the Rain Forest. To describe the details of the day…are just too many….and will summarize, but the essence is……”if you ever come to Australia and have the chance to go to Cairns……then today is a MUST.” What a day!

1. The train is an old vintage train completely updated….and is made up of about 10 cars. The trip up the mountain is on a one way rail….and within a few minutes the train starts through the tunnels and over the bridges as we climb into the Rain Forest. 2. The trip is filled with unbelievable photo shots, as this is land that is only accessible by the train. A lot of history in how they built the railroad…..years of amazing work and engineering. 3. The ride is about 2 hours with one photo stop over the river and falls….the views are unbelievable ….clearly a once in a lifetime experience


2. When you arrive in Kuranda Village…this is an original “hippie” kind of art town….but over the last few years has become a tourist center. It is a small village, with mainly tourist shops, etc….very fun to walk around and see the shops, especially the little “hippie” looking shops…very cute and unusual,…and the newer shops and the Kuranda Market is very nice….and quite “touristy”…….but well worth the time. A very attractive “village” in this gorgeous tropical setting.

3. We then boarded a bus and drove a few miles to the RainForest Nature Park for a delicious BBQ lunch. Very well done….a private facility that is extremely interesting and really designed to give visitors a good understanding of the Rain Forest…..and it is a real one…one of the largest in the World…and a first for us. After lunch, which was a full dinner, we went to the Army Duck area…and these are WW II Army ducks used by the Army in the war. We were able to get a seat up front…and for an hour, we drove through the Rain Forst…on land and into the water. Just a wonderful time with an outstanding driver and speaker and tour leader,,….originally from Canada with an art degree who had taught school before moving here. She was great….very knowledgeable and really able to drive the Duck…..kind of amazing. The Rain Forest  has to be seen to really be appreciated….certainly nothing like we had ever seen.

4. The next part of the afternoon was a very amazing dance show…..and then a very well done Dreamtime walk….with exhibits, etc…..all done by the dancers. Really fun….and enjoyed by all. We then had a guided tour of their “zoo”…..first had look and touch area for kangaroos…and then real close up of Koala, a dingo, and a wambot. Very well done…fun, and most interesting. Very obvious that their employees really enjoy their jobs….extremely well informed and very communicative…..just a real enjoyment.

5. We then boarded the bus and headed to the Kuranda Skyrail. This is a huge lift that stretches up and down the mountain for about 10 miles….and takes you from the top of the mountain down to the bottom….very exciting as we rode in 6 seat enclosed cabins…and Audy got a bit nervous when the cable cars stopped for a few minutes, as we are literally hundreds of feet about the Rain Forest below….nothing like it and another first for us. The Cable Car has two stops where you can get off and see some exhibits….just a great and exciting ride down the mountain …a bit exciting but safe…going over the forest and rivers below that you can only see from the lift.

Back to the hotel by 6….an incredible day….enjoyed by all and a MUST for anyone traveling in or near Cairns. Too tired for dinner…but worth it all. Just a GREAT DAY.

Off to the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow…..what a place.










Cairns, Australia…Day #2

After the 14 hour flight from SFO to Sydney…we had about a 4 hour layover at the beautiful Sydney Airport then boarded Virgin Australia for the 3 hour flight north to Cairns….in tropical and beautiful Northern Australia…in the state of Queensland.

The Cairns Airport is not big and bustling for a port city that is a travel resort destination…but very clean and easy to get around. We were met at the baggage area by our transfer driver…and drove slowly into the City Center. Very tropical and quiet setting, with gorgeous trees and plants….lush growth.

We arrived at the Pacific Hotel…easy check in to our 9th floor room overlooking the park and good views of the Harbor. This is a remodeled old hotels, actually one of the first along the Esplanade, which is the big tree lined boulevard right on the water. Cairns location is key, in that the mountains come right down to the water….so as we look out at the Bay and inlet…we see the mountains. Very dramatic views. The room is very nice, clean, and well done, and large….and after a few moments decided to eat… asked the manager for a good restaurant and he said across the street at the Casino restaurant. Well, in that it is a non-smoking facility, we decided to give it a try and the restaurant was very nice and more of a cafe…..and we had a delicious sandwich dinner…..great food. Back to the hotel and a good nights sleep for both of us to get on Australia time.

We woke early…went down to a full buffet breakfast….then decided to start to see the city….walking. The main shopping streets are Abbott and Shields, which leads to the Cairns Mall. Many shops along the way and the street itself is all pedestrian with huge trees..much like the feel of Hawaii or even Cancun…but very clean and neat….and lots of sidewalk cafe’s….just a neat place to stroll and shop….and literally running right up from the beach and the Esplanade Lagoon.

The Mall was exceptional for a smaller city like Cairns. Very clean and all in white with lots of plants and great decorations…very, very modern 2 levels with a huge 12 restaurant food court, where we had lunch at the Muffin Break…..great quiche for Audy and a cold coffee with ice cream and whipped cream for me…and a bit of the quiche. Great food. We continued to window shop,etc…very nice clerks…just a great place to shop and stroll and eat….very friendly and pleasant in every respect. And, while we were inside, raining off and on outside…and as I write and it is 4 pm…a downpour. Fortunately for the shops to and from the mall….sidewalk areas are covered….so folks are use to a lot of rain…..

Back to the room at 3…..and some general observations…..1. Very clean and very orderly city…a lot of the British influence like Singapore . 2. Merchant attitude is one of friendliness and helpfulness almost to an amaze degree. 3. Virtually no homeless or trashy looking folks around…..minority’s are here but not too noticeable, except for the Japanese…who have been here for years…and many are shopkeepers, etc. 4. Very modern but in a tropical laid back kind of way….no big new skyscrapers, although the views here of beaches and mountains are wonderful.

So, off to dinner shortly, then to visit some of the night shopping markets, which are advertised, so will see that they are all about. More to come on this….and more to come on our day to the Rain Forest, and this is a real one and one of the most famous in the World….tomorrow.  As of now, so glad we came to Cairns….well worth it for one and all…..may add a bit after the night shopping…should be fun.












Day #1…..bound for Australia

Today we leave for Australia…and it all started with driving from Redding to San Francisco…(SFO)….and then after check in we went to the USO and Audy could take a nap, which she did. We will go over to the United lounge in the International Terminal shortly….and we board at 10 PM…13 hours to Sydney….

We will have about a 3 hour lay over in Sydney…then on to Cairns, about a 3 hour flight. Cairns is a resort area known for access to the Great Barrier Reef.

So, we shall see….as we get ready for  our next adventure…..








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8) Jewels of Ireland, 14 days with CIE Tours. Begins and ends in Dublin. Companion flies for free. Starting at $2,750. Departures from April 13 through October 26, 2018.

9) Peru: Ancient Land of Mysteries, 10 days with Collette Vacations. Begins and ends in Lima. Save $200 to $400 per couple. Starting at $2,999. Departures from September 1, 2018 through April 27, 2019.

10) Explore North India & the Ganges (National Geographic Journey), 16 days with G Adventures. Begins in Delhi and ends in Kolkata. Save 25%. Starting at $3,049. Departures from March 15 through August 23, 2018.

11) Classic China, 10 days with Trafalgar. Begins in Beijing and ends in Shanghai. Save up to 7.5%. Starting at $3,140. Departures from April 27 through October 26, 2018.

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14) Spain, Portugal & Morocco, 24 days with Intrepid Travel. Begins in Madrid and ends in Marrakech. Save 10%. Starting at $3,325. Departures from May 3 through August 25, 2018.

15) The Best of Italy & Sicily, 15 days with Globus. Begins and ends in Rome. Save 5%. Starting at $3,799. Departures from April 8 through October 14, 2018.

16) Rockies and Vancouver Island Circle, 10 days with Rocky Mountaineer. Begins and ends in Calgary. Starting at $3,983. Departures from April 20 through October 5, 2018.

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Effective January 1st…I am the Redding agent for Viking Cruises, and am very pleased with this opportunity. We just completed our 3rd Viking Cruise…and I am now “a believer” in Viking. They are great. No wonder they are consistently rated #1 among the Cruise lines.

Viking Cruises, both in their Ocean and River Cruises, offers cruises where you truly explore your destination-through its food, culture, countryside, and customs. You learn about the lands through which you travel via informative talks that bring history to life through cultural adventures, in-depth pre-trip materials, and on-demand programing-all designed to help you experience the most from your travels.

So, just send me an e-mail at   and I will get you brochures, information, details on the Cruises, both Ocean and River…and we will go from there. Viking is a winner.