What to Know Before You Go…Chapter 2

Chapter 2  The Internet, Web Resources, and the Travel Agency

As you start your trip planning and you are trying to determine where you want to go, use the Internet. There are a number of travel sites, but the best way, in my opinion, is to use Google and put in such things as “vacationing in Australia, or Europe, or France, or the Caribbean, etc”. Many site will come up and you can take your time and look at all of the many places that you can see and things that you can do. On our recent trip to Australia, we knew we were going to Cairns as our first step on our journey, so my wife Googled Cairns. From Cairns, which is north on Sydney, we were able to go out to the Great Barrier Reef, rode the train up to and through the Rain Forest, then rode the Skytrain back down over the Rain Forest to sea level, and back to the city of Cairns, which in itself is well worth seeing. We found all of this on the internet….then went to our agent, who had also suggested these attractions, and made the ticket arrangements.

And, you can use a site like Expedia to get an idea of flights into almost any destination in the world. They will give you prices and times, although the prices are often on bad connecting flights , or bad times, but it gives you a very good idea of when and where you can go. Trip Advisor is another good one, as this give first hand experiences from travelers.

These sites, and many others, are great for travel information, but not always good for ticketing. As I have said, and will say many more times, the local travel agent can get the same, if not better, price….they can give you the experiences of other travelers, and they can do the “hard work” for  you, such as the reservations and ticketing. That is their job. But, you can do the pre-planning by using the Internet to get your general idea of where, when, why, and what you want to do.

A word about the Travel Agency. Only the good ones have survived the Internet. And they have survived because they can offer a service that the Internet cannot. As with almost any professional services these days, you can get almost any service on the web. But, you get what you pay for. I have planned and taken trips using nothing but the internet, with sites like www.hotels.com, and  www.expedia.com, and they were good trips. But, for the most part, I was “flying by the seat of my pants”. And, when all said and done, did not save a penny. Now we use an Agency exclusively. And, a couple of other factors as to why to use an agency….(1) some are specialists, like with Cruise Lines…(2) many of the agencies are really experienced. :Been there done that”  is true for many and this experience is passed on to you…..(3) Your individual travel agent in an agency will become “your good friend”, and they will have your interest foremost in their mind as they plan for you. This is that valuable factor…and can make the difference in your travels.

Next section is entitled….”Make a List”….and this is one of my favorites, for many do not do this until they get someplace and say, “I should have made a list of these things to bring”. Stay tuned.

Very Special Events in 2018

Make This Christmas Last…..Forever

A couple of years ago, Carlos gave his daughter Sabrina and her family a trip for Christmas. Other gifts given such as video games are no longer popular; clothes no longer in style; gadgets no longer cool. But trip photos are still on our phones and memories are still in our hearts and we’re still sharing laughs remembering the good time we had.

Add sports to the trip equation and it gets even better. A friendly family rivalry. Your wife is a Rafa fan; you’re a Roger fan. Your best buddy roots for Spieth; you’re still pulling for Tiger (by the way, did you watch the Hero World Challenge tournament this weekend – way to go Tiger PLUS did you see Rafa there cheering him on?).

Below is a list of trips to sporting events Ron Largent Travel, through our partnership group, is offering in 2018. We can customize any trip and if there is an event that isn’t on our calendar, no worries … we can make it work too!

This Christmas, share with the ones that your care for, and make your gift last!


The Masters, Augusta GA: April 2 – 8

Open Championship, Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland: July 16 – 22

Ryder Cup, Le Golf National, Paris France: September 25 – 30

Scotland or Ireland Golf: you pick the dates!


Australian Open, Melbourne Park, Melbourne Australia: January 15 – 28

BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells CA: March 5 – 18 (head with us to Palm Springs and warm up after a cold winter!)

French Open, Stade Roland Garros, Paris France: May 27 – June 10

Wimbledon, All England Club, London England: July 3 – 16

US Open, Flushing Meadows, New York: August 27 – September 9

Laver Cup, Chicago IL: September 21 – 23

email me for further details on any of the above…… ron@ronlargenttravel.com